Rugged Camper Gear

IBEX Overland supply a range of equipment to make your camping trip a little more civilised - It’s not an endurance test! By using quality equipment you will have a more comfortable, enjoyable experience.

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Our Key Products:

Tire Table

The Tire Table is new to the UK! We are excited to be the exclusive, Authorized Dealer for the owners of "The Original TailGater Tire Table” with its main headquarters in the US.

The TailGater Tire Table is a durable, powder coated steel, portable table that uses a vehicle tire as its main support. It is stable regardless of the ground conditions.


We are very pleased to be able to offer the full range of roof top tents from TentBox. Superb quality and will fit on any car!

There are three to choose from:

  • TentBox CLASSIC
  • TentBox CARGO
  • TentBox LIte

Off Road Campers

We offer a fantastic range of off road campers that are much more than your usual Tear Drop style camper. Night heaters fitted, large wheels with off road tyres. Each camper can be customised to your own specification, or supplied as a base unit for you to finish yourself. The roof rack is specially designed to take any TentBox model!

Kelly Kettle

Boil water and cook fast outdoors with the famous Kelly Kettle.

The Kelly Kettle boils water in 3 to 5 minutes using whatever is to hand – sticks, dry grass, pine cones etc. A traditional kettle with the design dating back to the 1890’s in County Mayo, Ireland.


We offer a fantastic range of off-grid power solutions from Powapacs.

  • Lightweight Off Grid Solar generators
  • Range of rechargeable lighting options
  • DAB Radio
  • Freeview TV
  • Rechargeable Head Torch
  • 60W Solar Panel Option

Cool Boxes

The ICEY-TEK coolbox has got to be one of the best on the market. Can keep things frozen for two days or cool for up to 10 days.

Available from 25 litres up to a massive 1100 litres for events and festivals!